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Royal Crown service closure notice

Royal Crown
2022.02.17 Thursday 14:06


Hello, everyone.

First of all, we would like to apologize first about suddenly delivering sad news.

Our team wished to provide positive experience for our players for a longer period of time, but after difficult discussions, 

we have decided we can no longer provide consistent updates and maintain Royal Crown. 

We have decided to terminate service for Royal Crown on April 28th(Thu), 2022.

For detailed schedule of Royal Crown service closure, please refer to the following information below.

[Royal Crown service closure notice]

■ February 24th(Wed), 2022 05:00 UTC

- All in-game purchases will become unavailable.

- Royal Crown will no longer be available for download.

- You will still be able to use any in-game purchases you have already made until service closure.

■ April 28th(Thu), 2022 05:00 UTC

- Royal Crown game service will be permanently unavailable. 

- All official community for Royal Crown will begin its process to shut down. (Expected closure May 12th, 2022)

■ May 12th(Thu), 2022 05:00 UTC

- All of Royal Crown’s official community will be shut down.

※ If you need to preserve important information on any of our official community, please make sure to save any necessary information before our official community closes down. 

※ If you have any questions regarding service closure or etc, please contact us through our customer service center. 

※ In the case of Japan, we will make an additional announcement regarding refunds after the service closure, based on Japanese payment and settlement systems. 

Although Royal Crown will no longer be available for play, we hope that we have provided all our players with great memories and fun experience. 

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all our players who have supported us so far. 

Thank you very much. 

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