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GUIDE - Crafting/farming

Royal Crown
2021.02.24 Wednesday 16:53



  • Craft items with materials, and develop your champion.

  • This is the 101 for the Royal Crown beginners.

Let's see what your goal items are.

  • Your preset goal items are on the bottom of the mini-map.

  • The preset items are displaying. At first, the system-recommended preset items are automatically displayed.

(Check out the details on the "Preset Guide" article!"

  • Tap the item to see the crafting materials and where you can find them.

Check out available materials and collect them.

  • You can see the name of the region and available materials around the area on the left window of the mini-map.

  • Your goal items have yellow stars and the obtained/required amount displays on the icons.

  • Green checkmark tells you when all the materials are gathered.

■ Claim all

  • Use "Claim all" to obtain the goal items you set.

■ I can't find materials I need in this area! 

  • Tap the material icon to see other areas where you can find it.

  • Check out the other areas in the world map.

Craft items with gathered materials!

  • On the bottom right, you will see the quick crafting slots.

  • Goal items have yellow stars on them.

  • Just one tap, the item will be crafted.

  • [PC] " ` " will craft the far left item.

(Goal items shows on the left side)

■ Another way to craft: Craft window

  • You can view the whole crafting items and the details In the crafting window.

  • Tap the item icon to see the materials and the stats of the equipment.

  • Tap the "Craft" button when you gather all the materials.

  • How to open a craft window?

1. Icon on the left bottom

2. [PC] shortcut "K"

3. [PC] Right-click the equipment icon on the bottom right of the screen

  • Sort: Tabs on the top will sort the items 

1. Each categorized tab will show sorted item lists

2. Check "Available lists" will show currently craftable items

3. Use the "Search box" to search for specific items with the name.

  • Group: View the preset and group information on the left side of the crafting window.

1. Drag and drop to add/remove the items.

2. Items in each group have their own colour of stars.

3. Tap the star on the top right to on/off the claim all function.

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