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Other Map Factors

Royal Crown
2021.02.23 Tuesday 19:19


■ Other Map Factors

While playing Royal Crown, you may encounter factors that affect your survival aside from the Magnetic Field and Red Zone on the map.

  • They might be helpful while in pursuit or battle, or they might be a trap.

1. Chestnut Bombs

  • If you strike the chestnut bombs that are scattered on the outskirts of villages with a basic attack or hunting spear, all of the monsters and players within range will be bounced a set distance outwards.

  • You will be thrown into the air, so you may be sent over an obstacle that cannot be penetrated with a movement skill.

  • Chestnut bombs can be a great way to escape when you're being pursued or when the battle is not going your way.

2. Buds

  • Buds are buffs that spawn randomly throughout the map.

  • Press the interaction button while standing nearby to receive the bud's various buffs.

  • Types of Buds

    • Red Bud: Gradually restores HP over a set time.

    • Blue Bud: Gradually restores mana over a set time.

    • Violet Bud: Gradually fills up the Ultimate skill gauge over a set time.

*Contents may be subject to change due to updates. This information may not be the latest. 
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