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Storm Dragons

Royal Crown
2021.02.23 Tuesday 19:13


■ Storm Dragons

  • Storm Dragons (Lv.15) are by far the rarest, most powerful monster on the battlefield.

  • There are a total of four storm dragons scattered across the map in four particular areas.

1. Defeating Dragons

  • Storm dragons might be passive monsters, but one powerful blow will seriously hurt you and push you back. Make sure to equip yourself with enough recovery items before you attempt to face them.

  • If you're playing in Solo mode, you might find them extremely difficult to defeat. However, if you are wearing equipment that offers high defense and HP, alternate between recovery skills and attack skills, and use all of your consumable items to unleash a flurry of attacks, you might stand a fighting chance.

  • In team battles such as Squad Mode, you can wear mid-to-high level equipment and work together with your team members to defeat the storm dragons without requiring consumable items. 

  • Since storm dragons tend to attack the nearest player to them, the strongest player should stand in front to lead the team's attack while other team members with recovery skills assist with offense and recovery.

2. Strategic Positions

  • Storm dragons take longer to defeat and require more HP and Mana than other monsters, so you'll have to watch out for attacks from other enemies while facing a storm dragon.

  • You or your team may even consider hiding before attacking another player or team while they are fighting a storm dragon to defeat them and steal the already exhausted storm dragon kill.

3. Kill Reward

  • If you kill a storm dragon, you'll obtain a wealth of EXP and valuable items in return for your effort.

  • If you are unable to farm items or if you're having a hard time growing your Champion, try heading to a storm dragon's lair. You might even find high-grade equipment that players left behind after defeating the storm dragon.

4. Storm Dragon Habitats

  • Between Watchtower Post and Ruined Temple

  • Crow Quarry

  • Coral Forest

  • Between Barren Garden and Sand Prison

*Contents may be subject to change due to updates. This information may not be the latest.

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